Car Seat Upholstery & Repair

We Repair Car Seats With Professional Upholstery

Zuniga Upholstery has years of experience offering professional car seat upholstery services and repair for car owners throughout Long Island, New York. Some people do attempt to upholster their car interiors themselves, but why do that when you can get the professional touch? When you bring your car down to our shop, you are putting your faith into a service with decades of experience behind it. And the end result will prove to be worth the price of turning to a professional.

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For the best car seat upholstery and repair, bring it down to Zuniga today! Schedule an appointment by dialing 631-355-3559. We will take a look and see what the best course of action in. Check out some past work and get inspired about how we can turn around the interior of your car with professional upholstery!

Why Upholster Your Car Seats

You may want to get new upholstery for your car for two reasons. The most common reason is simply updating an older look. But the other reason is due to some sort of damage. Whatever the reason, re-upholstering the interior of your car is a surefire way of improving the look of it.

Updating the upholstery is a great way to improve the driving experience, while also raising the value of your car should you decide to sell it down the line. And not for nothing, but the part of your interior of your car that gets worn the worst is definitely the seating. So an update makes everything better.

But where to begin? There are one of two ways to begin. Perhaps you are set on changing up the material. So you begin by selecting the new upholstery material for the car seat repair. However, many often start with the design. Aligning the new look more appropriately to the interior of your car. But whatever the reason for the new upholstery, the professionals at Zuniga will take care of you. And provide you with expert opinion along the way!

How Car Seat Upholstery Works

For the most part, the upholstery repair and replacement of car seats is pretty straightforward. However that may not be the case if you are trying to do it on your own. But luckily you have made the choice to leave the car seat upholstery repair to us! We will remove the current fabric from your seats first. In most cars, the upholstery is attached to the frame of the seat. Typically, clips are used to keep it together. We will detach the seat and then apply the new leather to your car seats. Giving the interior of your car a fresh, new look.

When it comes to quality and design, you get unparalleled professionalism and results with Zuniga. We will work with you to choose the new color and design of your choice. There are more choices than you may realize. But we will make sure that whatever you pick works well with the interior of your car. Through our years of experience, we have the ability to work on any make or model car or vehicle. From old vintage cars to new model, our car seat upholstery will add a new element to your car that makes it your own.