Auto Upholstery Repair

Zuniga Upholstery has years of experience performing auto upholstery repair and other upholstery services for clients throughout Long Island, New York. Our upholstery professionals understand the importance of your car's interior and the value you place on it. Especially for older vehicles that have sentimental value. We treat these cars like one of our own when we work on them. Our staff has experience working on all sorts of makes and models, as well as upholstering and re-upholstering seats with many different designs and styles. Our car seat upholstery repair specializes in leather, vinyl and fabric car and truck upholstery. Get the best upholstery services and repair for your car or vehicle when you turn to Zuniga!

Types of Auto Upholstery

When it comes to auto upholstery, there are some different types and methods you can opt for. Many simply opt for traditional seat covers, since that is a less expensive and non-permanent sort of job. However, it is not uncommon to simply replace the fabric inside your car with another fabric. Some common upholstery jobs include leather, faux leather, vinyl, polyester, suede, and nylon. There are pros and cons to choosing each fabric, so be sure to know what you want.

At our upholstery shop, we can repair and replace the material for your car seats. And we can update the design of the fabric as well. Not only giving your car new and improved seats, but give the car interior a new look and feel.

When you opt for traditional seat covers, then there is no replacing or reupholstering the seats of your car. Simply put, these seat covers just wrap around the material you currently have in the interior of your car. So they are easy to install and use. Though you may need to readjust them from time to time since they are not permanent.

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Zuniga Upholstery is proud to provide our auto upholstery repair for car owners on Long Island, New York. We have a dedication in the industry that is unmatched. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today for more information about our various upholstery services. At our upholstery shop, we also repair boat seating and medical seating.

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The number for our office is 631-355-3559. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote for the potential work done and provide you with various scenarios to get the interior of your car looking brand new again!